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Experiential Workshops

Gray is an experienced group facilitator with many aspects of self development in health and wellness. With mindfulness and meditation at the core of many aspects of self development, it is vital to be able to create a healthy foundation. The intention for this is to continue to safely develop the mind, body and energetic systems. The ability to properly develop the necessary tools are essential in order to be able to become grounded, centred, focussed and apply what you have learned if applicable to your daily life.

Self development is a vital part of many peoples lives, to cope, breathe, manage stress effectively and to be balanced is not easy for most of us, and we forget what we may have learned after a while of living in the daily reality of living. Developing our psychic and energetic abilities in a deeper way requires time, effort and focus. This is due to the importance of maintaining a healthy balance at all times when developing ourselves in such a manner.

It is essential that all people focussing on a deeper level of awareness take all steps necessary to create a solid and effective foundation before going deeper due to the possible risks of leaving yourself open to energies that may affect you in a negative way. This can manifest in various ways such as tiredness, feeling heavy and washed out, feeling very open and vulnerable or very sensitive to the world around us. Too open in fact with people and whilst a sense of enthusiasm is healthy, too much enthusiasm equally can be dangerous as there has to be a balance with the daily practice necessary to develop skills and to ensure safety within and without yourself.

I cannot over emphasise the necessity to take care of yourself as you may be taking care of others and if you do not take care, you can be a danger to yourself and others. Taking care of yourself reduces the risk of serious psychic disturbance or psychosis at worst.

Overdoing or taking risks can be a normal part of our lives and I know this from my own self practice and development too. Also over enthusiasm for taking on too much or not preparing myself on occasions effectively on a daily basis caused my own steep learning curve in the past.

I do speak from experience and knowledge of the effect of not listening to others more experienced. It is not about holding people back in their self development, only common sense and the reality of seeing people being too open and becoming unstable in their lives.

Taking time to focus on yourself requires focus, time and commitment. It is essential and is not easy initially. Practice and consistency is the only way to effectively develop the skills necessary and safely over a period of time if focussing particularly on particular aspects of inner self growth.

Working with yourself can be a challenging and rewarding experience and can bring up much within us that we may not really be aware of. Taking the time to be within us is not something people often do or actually have the time to do or be in our daily lives. What is worthwhile is you.

No one else has the same experiences and thoughts that you may have and it will give you an awareness of how or what is going on in your life in a different way.

The most important part of being involved within yourself is to learn, experience,grow and whatever else you choose to allow. Equally being able to stop and say I am not sure,or this is not for me is a recognition of your own needs. To laugh also is one of the most important things to do.

All I can do is share, guide and support you in your journey or make suggestions that may be of positive benefit. I will provide a relaxed, safe and simple way to learn the skills that you can take away for your own development.

Gray will provide a range of workshops tailored to the needs and requests of the group. The groups, however big or small, will be in a safe space and will be relaxed and informal. The groups may be a one off to relax and try for one hour, morning or a day or weekend.

Workshops focussing on the voice and breath, working with sound instruments like the gong and drum, energy based groups for psychic self development and working with other aspects of development can be discussed further with Gray.

Groups can be conducted on a weekly basis as an example if working with the voice and breath and a six week introductory course can be held at the same time on a weekly basis.

Groups can be held for all people of all stages in their development.

Gray is happy to attend groups from all walks of life and support them in their development

Sessions and workshops can be held in any place be it a house, hall, marquee or a school.

Please discuss this further in depth with Gray to explore your needs, wishes and to clarify what may be offered according to your ideas.

Gray will discuss with people their particular needs and may suggest other options if not able to meet your requests. Working with energetic / psychic self development, Gray will carefully consider people wishing to attend the course to ensure that it is suitable and safe for that individual to attend.

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