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Spinal Touch Therapy

What is Spinal Touch (Biomechanics) ?

Spinal Touch is a method of simply assessing a person's posture in order to ascertain if there is any distortion occurring and then attempting to correct this using a very gentle treatment on a muscular level.

The human body is built in such a way that it will maintain health and vitality in the earth's environment of constant gravity, even when subjected to an unending variety of stresses. This adaptability is achieved by all the parts of the body and organs being situated so as to interact properly, not only with each other but also with gravity. When the body is placed in a state of strain which causes loss of proper balance between parts of the body and gravity, postural distortions occur. These distortions usually indicate internal body changes long before any body functions appear disturbed.

One of the first effects of strain is to change the body's normal centre of balance, which is located at the top surface of the bone called the sacrum at the level of the last spinal disc. The sacrum is in the critical position of both supporting the total spine and also acting as the keystone for the pelvic arch. Eight major muscles fasten to the sacrum connecting it with all the other parts of the body. Therefore any strain, gradual or sudden, is transmitted all or in part to this centre of balance, distorting the normal posture. This postural shift changes the position of all the organs,placing them under strain and a distortion pattern is set up that is such a crucial factor in all developing diseases.

Usually when the body becomes strained and distorted, the muscles need help to relax and rest. Spinal Touch aims to bring the spine into mechanical balance through muscle relaxation, by lightly touching key areas of the spine in such a way that will redirect the inner energies of the body. This redirecting process causes the muscles to relax and gently realign the spine into it's more natural position and so relieves the strain on the internal organs.

Who can it help?
It can help most people be it for a spring clean or a simple car service every 10,000 miles. It can help many problems or issues such as asthma, back pain, jaw problems, scoliosis,ankylosing spondylitis, whiplash, neck pain, migraines, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, headaches, lordosis, kyphosis, joint pain, digestive problems, repetitive strain injury, low energy, constipation and many other problems affecting all of your internal and external systems.

What does a Spinal Touch Treatment Involve?
The hard part, being honest, is at the beginning for most people!! You need to wear underwear for the assessment, remaining in them throughout your treatment. (So no breathing in is allowed - not many people can hold in their stomach muscles for 20 minutes anyway!) All women are encouraged to wear comfortable bloomers.

Please bring a friend to accompany you if you wish and this is encouraged, again for your safety and security.

The first visit involves looking at a treatment chart and an explanation of exactly how a Spinal Touch treatment is performed. This treatment is gentle and non invasive and does not involve bone crunching or rapid, forceful movements at any time.

The treatment begins with you standing next to a plumb-line for your initial postural assessment and standing on a foot board bare footed to ensure accuracy.

Small marks will be made using a skin pencil to give us a frame of reference for the treatment and to be able to clearly assess any changes following treatment.

There will be quick and effective pre-tests of the proposed treatment to ensure that it is accurate for what you need. You will then lie face down on a treatment couch (massage table) for the treatment. Once in this position you will be covered up and only those parts that will be worked on will be uncovered at any time.

There will be a specific sequence of light touch pressure contacts called rub out points. These reflex points and muscle insertions cover the gluteals (buttocks), the spine, sacrum, shoulders, neck, back of head, and the abdomen also.

The specific approach guides the body towards postural correction, rebalancing and relaxation with the intention to release muscular tension and pain.

At the end of treatment on the couch you will go back to the plumb-line and footboard to reassess any changes following treatment.

The overall effect is to enable your body to realign itself with its centre of gravity.

Responses to Spinal Touch
The body itself can often take time to allow change or can even resist the rebalancing.
Spinal Touch can help the body and mind to readjust with gentleness and persistence, thereby allowing your body to go in to a more comfortable position that can reduce the pain, strain and distortion that you may have had to accept and adjust to as part of your normal way of living.

It is in allowing the muscles to rest that improvement occurs.

Confidentiality and Best Practice
Children below the age of 18 should always be accompanied by the identified responsible adult or guardian. A consent to treatment form will be signed by the child and Parent/Guardian before any assessment occurs.

It may be necessary to refer you to another therapist.
The therapist is a member of the British and European Light Touch Therapists register, fully insured by Balens.

Proof of insurance and evidence of certificates and training may be requested at any time by you. It is always normal practice to display all information in a folder or in a place for anyone to see the evidence.

If you are female please bring a friend or chaperone to be present if you so wish in order to provide a safe environment and be comfortable. My intention is to provide a space for people to be at ease.

Children will always be requested to be accompanied by an adult at all times during treatment following guidelines and safe guarding recommendations in order to ensure your safety and that of the therapist.

It is vital you allow your body the time to recover after a treatment. Often the body goes in to a deep detoxification due to the long term affect of being out of balance.

It is important to drink water on a regular basis to enable the toxins of the body to be flushed out and not be kept inside you.

Often what can occur is a healing crisis occurs with aches and pains and old muscle memories occurring from the past. For example, a car injury may have been experienced in the past and the neck injury may suddenly reappear for a time before the body and mind let go of that incident on a deeper level. This is something to be discussed further if you wish to do so.

Often emotions are released following a treatment and this is nothing to be afraid of. In detoxifying and letting go of what is held in the body physically, emotionally too we let go of many other things we may have held onto that we are sometimes not aware of.

It is important if possible in your life to take some time to sit quietly and be aware of how you feel.
Being aware of what is suggested to you for your personal care is important. It is easy for others to recommend what you should do .

I can only suggest what you could do in the long term to help you maintain a healthy posture with your life style, work and other environmental factors that you have to live with.

Please find out as much information as you can about the therapist and also the reason you wish to have treatment, internet, news and library are useful ways to gain as much information as possible. Getting to know yourself is the most important part of taking care of yourself.

In this way you will develop your own tool box of skills and knowledge to use for your own health and help maintain an awareness of your own body and when it needs help.

Spinal touch is not a wonder cure it is there to help you in your daily life and will support you in conjunction with other mainstream treatments from your General Practitioner.

Please speak with your GP if you are unsure about this treatment or if you are pregnant also it is recommended before you arrange an assessment with me as I do not wish to waste your time and money.

I am here to support you in your treatment options with exploring what is the most suitable way forward for you in your decision making about your health. If necessary I will recommend a more suitable treatment plan for you with someone more appropriate for your needs.

Spinal Touch Association
Information on this page provided by the Spinal Touch Association.

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