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Reiki and Karuna Reiki

Usui reiki ( reiki means the universal life force) is a form of energy rebalancing that is according to the current information available brought to the awareness of Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early part of the 20th century. Since then reiki came to the west over a period of time and is now very much a part of mainstream complementary therapies.

There is much information available on the web and there is no shortage of reference material that you can read from and make up your own mind about the truths or misunderstandings about how reiki came to the west from Asia since 1940s onwards.

Dr Usui wrote down some simple principles that he applied in his life. In English and readable Japanese they are:

The secret method of inviting happiness - Shoufuko no hihoo

The wonderful medicine for all diseases - Manbyo no ley - yako (of the body and soul)

Just for today - Kyo dake wa

Do not anger - Okuru - na

Do not worry - Shimpai Suna

I will respect my elders, my teachers,my parents
and my guides (Show appreciation) - Kansa Shite

I will earn my living honestly (Work hard on myself) - Goo hage me

I will show gratitude (Be kind to others) - Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Gray is a fully qualified practitioner and teacher of 15 years experience and is insured through Balens to practice, teach and give public talks to the community.

Gray is a member of the Reiki Guild. This is a professional body created to ensure the highest standards are maintained in practice and development. I am on the Reiki Guild website for those wishing to ensure that I follow ethical standards and practice in my daily work life as a therapist and teacher.

Gray is a teacher of Reiki and will work in small groups with people to learn Reiki simply and effectively. Please contact Gray to discuss this further.

What is a Reiki and and Karuna Reiki treatment?
A simple treatment involves you sitting in a chair or lying on a comfortable massage table
whatever is convenient and appropriate for your needs.
The therapist then acts a focus for the energy that will come through the hands and will be transferred to you. There is no need for direct touch with you or the therapist as the energy
can be sent from a distance if you prefer this particular approach.

Reiki may help relax, rebalance and destress you in a safe and simple manner without requiring touch or undressing of any sort. It can allow the body to let go of emotional and physical tensions and can be effective in supporting other mainstream treatments recommended by your GP.
Reiki acts in a gentle manner that is non intrusive and is subtle in the way that it can help you reconnect with yourself over a period of time be it for a spring clean or for other specific reasons
as identified by you or just to relax.

A full treatment can last for 30 minutes to 50 minutes and can be very quiet and soothing.
Sometimes people experience an energy flow in their body or may see colours and this is part of the body itself readjusting to being still .
The important issue is to relax and also to ask questions that will clarify any doubts or anxieties you may have what coming for some time out. It is also important for you to bring a friend who can sit in the same room if you prefer to have someone with you.

Questions about Reiki
There are many questions and stories about Reiki within the Japanese and Western world and what I have learned, is with respect and practice it can be beneficial for all beings be it human, animal or for the Earth in creating a sense of peace inside and outside.

This is based on my own personal journey as a Reiki practitioner and teacher over the last 15 years. Every person who is properly and safely taught reiki has a lineage of people who taught them and the next person going all the way back to Dr Usui. All practitioners normally should be able to demonstrate who their teachers were or are if asked to do so.

I know from my own experience that Reiki is a particularly simple and effective form of working with energy wherever you may be in the world and it can be right next to you or can be sent from the other side of the world. It is for you to decide through your own personal experience and not for others to tell you what you will experience in your session should be.

Karuna Reiki
Karuna Reiki is another form of Reiki energy which works with different symbols and this tends to be practised by other qualified Reiki teachers. This particular form of Reiki was brought into the west by William Rand from the USA within the last 30 years or so and can be combined safely with Reiki if you wish to receive these symbols during a treatment or if it is necessary for you.

Gray is a member of The Reiki Guild

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