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Working With Animals

Gray is an experienced energy worker with animals, from small household family pets such as cats and dogs to larger animals such as cows, bulls and horses, and is able to visit people and places, to provide energy sessions similar to humans, be it by direct contact or by distant healing.

Gray can teach others to help animals to rebalance and relax safely and simply in a relaxed and non invasive manner.

Working with negative energies and geopathic stress.

Gray has experience of clearing houses, buildings, spaces and other areas of negative energies. This can be done energetically with a visit to an address and also with sound as a healing tool to release negative or emotional energies in a calm simple and safe manner.

Please discuss further this issue in confidence with Gray.

Working with others
Gray is passionate about working with other people, cultures and spiritual practices. Working with nature, animals, shamen, Wiccan and pagan practitioners remains very important and is open to working with retreats, workshops and sacred ceremonies.

Please have a chat with Gray about this.

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