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About Me

My name is Graham McGoldrick but I prefer Gray for short. A simpler and easier with my Scottish accent. I have been a mental health nurse for many years working in a variety of areas in the UK.

I am an experienced therapist combining and blending energy and bodywork for the last 15 years as a complementary therapist and 27 years particularly within mental health.

In this time I have integrated my personal practice and life experience within health and wellness in a simple an effective manner, to help others help themselves be it in group or individually.

I enjoy my own company, often am wrong about things but put my hand up and am generally a cantankerous, stubborn and pig-headed person when it comes to people not being respected or listened to.

I enjoy the Native American drum and flute and working with sound in whatever way it presents itself. Be it through the voice and breath or in any kind of shamanic or percussion instrument which helps myself and others including the Earth and other beings to be at peace.

I love walking and being in the earth with trees and water and mountains or anywhere I am. I probably enjoy my own space too much and in the past was a do it and scarper person with Workshops and sound journeys. Meaning that I actually preferred to be in the background and not rooted to one place for any length of time.

Now I am rooted happily in the earth and I continue to make mistakes and acknowledge them though I do laugh a lot at myself too.

So much to say about me but the truth only comes through direct experience of knowing me as a friend or as a person holding the space to help others grow and develop in a safe way.

I love working with the earth or other dimensions and animals too in all shapes and sizes if requiring my time and energy.

I value learning about other traditions and practices around the world that respect all beings.

I continue to learn just how daft I am and how much I still have to learn.

I do know I give my complete attention to what I am doing in the health and wellness area and often get challenged just for telling the truth. As someone once said "The truth is still the truth"

I prefer things in life to be simple like me!!

I am passionate about the earth and experiencing other cultures and practices that can benefit myself or others be it teachers from other spiritual practices ie Wiccan pagan as an example.

I continue to learn everyday and often have met people I have taught in a session thinking they should be teaching me. I am grateful for my experiences and those people who have taught me much as a human being let alone becoming a teacher or facilitator of positive change whatever you may call it.

"Mitakuye Oyasin" (Lakota Sioux for "All my relations")

Hope this gives you a wee idea about me ?!


Thanks for taking the time to read this whatever you do in life.


I hold a number of formal qualifications and memberships of professional bodies:

Light Touch Therapy
I am fully qualified in Light Touch Therapy (LTT), as issued by the British and European Spinal Touch Association. You can find me on their Practitioner Directory by clicking the above link.

I am a fully qualified Reiki / Karuna Reiki Master and Teacher and am a member of the The Reiki Guild, a body set up to ensure the professional and ethical approach to Reiki in all its forms. You can find me on their Practitioner List on the above link. I am also qualified to carry out public speaking on Reiki.

Registered Mental Nurse
I am a fully qualified RMN, through the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

All of my therapies are insured with Balens of Malvern, one of the biggest insurance companies in the industry.

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